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"Each majestic old tree; hath its own peculiar tone

and whisper for thine ear.”― Elizabeth J. Eames

The Team

Derek Lau, Owner/Master Wood Craftsman


Owner/Master Wood Craftsman

Maui based artist Derek Lau is a master wood craftsman whose awareness of nature transcends the naked eye.  With roots in Colorado and Southern California, Derek has spent most of his life active in the outdoors as a skier, photographer, diver. When Derek observes a tree, he has an uncanny ability to read the story behind the twist and turns of her branches. The burls, knots and grain inspire the creative intentions of his finished pieces
offering a more meaningful connection with the tree’s history. Derek works closely with
local arborists to turn trees into treasures and save them from the chipper or the landfill.


With thousands of dives across the Americas in places such as the Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel, Venezuela,
the Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast, the Hawaiian Islands, and even hot springs in high-altitude caves in Colorado, Derek is a highly accomplished diver. His art emanates this passion by combining epoxy resin with tropical hardwood slabs of Mango, Koa, Tamarind, Lychee, and Monkeypod; giving his pieces
a distinct interrelation between water and wood.


Derek’s preferred technique for his custom cabinetry and shelving is the use of book-matching, the practice of “mirroring” two or more wood surfaces that give the impression of an opened book.  Mastering the meticulous detail of this process and honoring the natural expression of each piece of wood, Derek creates designs that experiment with symmetry and geometry, making for some truly classic luxury furniture.

On most days you can find Derek at his workshop West Maui Woodworks
nestled among trees on the slopes of Haleakala Crater.

Leif Anderson/Master Welder


Master Welder

Leif is the man behind the beautifully sculpted shimmering sculptures. He also hand fabricates

the sexy bronze legs seen on our furniture collection. View more of Leif's work at: 
or check it out at one of our upcoming events!

Hannah Preziosi/Artist in Color



Hannah is an artist, a maker, a doer; never not creating. Rooted in color, laughter and sea salt. She spends mornings hiking through jungles and afternoons swimming with whales. She's a protector of the beach and worshipper of the ocean. Hannah collaborates with Derek on many pieces in the workshop.

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